VICTOR Business Development Group Strategy
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Approach & Methodology

Our business development group employs a well defined and flexible methodology framework for managing Digital Commerce initiatives. At the core of our commitment is a framework designed to manage the entire program lifecycle.  This framework is based on years of consulting and project delivery knowledge in the field of business communications, and has been field tested and proven successful on numerous occasions.  This methodology consists of subdividing a larger initiative into smaller, detailed phases. VICTOR BDG and our client will review the deliverables from one phase before commencing the next.  This allows us to closely monitor the progress of an initiative and to ensure the needs and expectations of the client are met.

Custom Configured Initiatives

VICTOR Business Development Group applies both standard best practices and custom requirements during the implementation of Digital Commerce initiatives.  This methodology allows clients to only use specific services that are required to achive client goals and budget requirements. Our designed adaptive processes allow access to required services in a flexible and cost efficient manner.  Market Data Validation In various projects and processes, VICTOR BDG will be required to acquire data. This data is generally validated through a 3 step process to ensure data integrity and ultimately lower the cost of aquisition. SLA and Reporting Service level agreements (SLAs) are unique for each customer. SLA requirements are addressed in detail during the discovery and design phase.

Tracking Performance

VICTOR Business Development Group constantly monitors performance. As information requests are received for additional requirements, our analysts engage in discovery to ensure we fully understand the requirements.  We will conduct a preliminary design to determine the impact and upon acceptance of the plan,  implement the required modifications to meet expected service requirements. We collect metrics for all phases of projects. This data is consolidated and then measured and compared to client Service Level Agreements to ensure compliance. Our staff is accountable to key internal performance indicators.  We use several tools within our environment that monitor and audit all process segments.  This is a varied combination of individual process tools that are reported by process and then consolidated to generate management and client reports.
Why use VICTOR Business Development Group?
There are many reasons to partner with the VICTOR Business Development Group, including our access to best-in-class technology and the strength of our people and support structure. We believe you will want to remain as our customer because we will prove our commitment to helping your business succeed. Our collective experience and expertise began in the early Silicon Valley days of the 1980's and has grown through years. We have managed and delivered on projects in multiple industries and have delivered Demand Generation sales pipelines of over $30 million for several of our clients. Our technical strengths are substantial, but our personnel assets are at the pinnacle of experience.  This translates into success for our clients!
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Photography and Imaging Services Our Photography and Imaging services are part of the support structure to our Digital Commerce and Digital Support Services. Our Product photography services are  about accurately but attractively representing a product; in product catalogues, brochures, and websites. Our objectives are showing your products without distortion by showing the product in good lighting, with soft shadows and no identifiable reflections. We also offer Video and Photograph conversion services. Please ask for more details.
Our Governing Principles Value Initiative Collaboration Tested concepts Operational excellence Responsive