Visual Classification and Data Extraction Services

File Share Remediation - Clean up file shares and other general file storage devices by removing duplicate files, identifying unneeded document types, and extracting critical document attributes. Consolidate both native and scanned paper document content.

Content Migration - Expedite migrating content to new management platforms with consistent classification, full attribution, content enabling and consolidation.

Paper Archive Digitization - Cluster documents based on graphical analysis of visual representations of the documents, not on associated text or text layers. This means that documents scanned at 100, 150, or 300 dpi and faxed documents can be classified consistently with native electronic files such as Word or PowerPoint.

PII Detection and Protection - Visual classification permits clients to cluster all electronic and scanned or faxed paper documents to perform an information security risk audit while those clusters are being assessed for retention/disposition and being assigned document types. Those assessments drive which clusters should be retained, where they should be stored, who should have access to them, and when they can be flagged for disposition. In addition, our technology permits mass redactions of PII and other sensitive information based on either text patterns, or zonally within page location coordinates for specific clusters.  

Visual Classification

Document Processing Services

VICTOR Business Development Group (VBDG) provides outsourcing services for back-office processes, such as Mail Processing, Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivable. Below are some examples for specific business sectors.

Real Estate, Mortgage and Title Insurance – We service and develop solutions for an array of real estate, title and mortgage industry solutions for markets such as title plants, title agents, title insurance, real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, attorneys, surveyors, credit managers, appraisers, credit unions and the public sector. Addressing a variety of implementations for account openings, loan processing, payment solutions and range of administrative tasks such as loan and escrow processing, and back office operations.

Energy, Utilities and Oil & Gas – At DBS, we deliver solutions for more effective document management to the Energy / Oil and Gas markets. Services and solutions from DBS can assist with a vast area of ECM challenges presented by the industry dealing with information related to plants, rigs, pipelines, land management and production activities.

Financial Services – We service a multiplicity of financial solutions for markets such as banks, credit unions, insurance brokers and leasing companies. Addressing a variety of implementations for account openings, loan processing, payment solutions and range of administrative tasks such as claims processing and back office operations.

Healthcare, Dental and Medical Operations – We support a variety of Healthcare solutions for markets such as clinics, labs, dental offices and other medical operations. Addressing a variety of implementations for patient care, administration, insurance, clinical trials and back office operations.

Departmental, HR and Accounting Solutions – We have implemented solutions for the Accounting and Finance departments with AP and AR solutions, Human Resources, Legal and Sales support. 


Digital Marketing Services

In order to maximize revenue, it is critical to fully implement a Digital Commerce strategy and support structure for your business. We provide the organization “know-how” and tools to create this support structure.

We offer the ability to organize, produce and manage marketing materials, marketing campaigns, and other business documents, all critical components of a comprehensive Marketing Strategy. Data is provided for you to evalulate progress and the return on your investment.

Our “conditioned” lead generation program will help generate the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into your products or services. Leads can be created for purposes such as sales leads, list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or campaigns. This “first” step can help ignite the increase in sales you are looking for.

We utilize industry best practices in managing electronic or old-fashioned marketing campaigns. 


Website Development

As part of an overall Digital Commerce strategy, we offer a broad and in-depth scope of services that are tailored to match our client’s requirements of reaching consumers and business customers.

With the range of services available and flexible tiers of service pricing, we will provide our clients a sound return on their investment.

No matter what platform, desktop or mobile, these website development tools we provide will enhance consumer’s access to products and services of our clients. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly experience for our client’s customers when accessing the client’s website and interacting with customers.

Besides offering tools we can help you with writing marketing content and gathering images needed for the web site. Our writing team follows a professional process in writing and editing the content. The approach we take can make a difference in attracting customer interest.

We are committed to strictly abide by webmaster’s best practices. 


Photography and Video Services

Our Photography and Imaging services are an integral part of the support structure to our Digital Commerce and Digital Support Services.

Visual representation is a critical component to a first-class offering. Our imaging services will accurately and attractively represent your products and services. Quality visual assets will provide an appealing, pleasureable and informative experience for your customers.