Enterpise System Optimization

SAN and Cloud Storage Optimization

VBDG has successfully assisted organizations of all sizes and industries to improve system performance while reducing or eliminating the cost of non-value add SAN and/or cloud storage growth.

Our team of experienced Technology Professionals, Project Managers and Quality Assurance specialists guide our clients through a proven process to greatly reduce storage needs, reclaim lost files, eliminate document retention concerns, update technology, maintain oversight and ensure quality and post-implementation support.

VBDG’s success with storage reduction projects is achieved by leveraging the latest visual classification technology, applying industry best practices for project management, and harnessing our world-class Quality Assurance testing services.

Client Benefits and Outcomes
• Organize and optimize file storage
• Develop a logical methodology to file storage
• Reclaim files lost due to Windows file name length limits
• Eliminate concerns surrounding document retention policies
• Eliminate files that are no longer of value
• Eliminate file duplication
• Reduce or eliminate annual spend on SAN and/or Cloud storage requirements
• Minimize time wasted looking for data by making it easily searchable

How we transform your data into useful information
Rationalize your data- How many files and where are they
Classify - What is contained in the files – Visually classify the files into clusters
Attribute – Extract the data that is important to you
Validate – Ensure captured classification and data are accurate by utilizing a      multi-faceted production environment