Document Processing Services

VICTOR Business Development Group (VBDG) provides outsourcing services for back-office processes, such as Mail Processing, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivable, Claim Mail and Check Processing. VBDG uses a wide variety of software for use in imaging, data extraction and document processing applications. VBDG provides an effective blend of Development, Integration and Service Bureau capabilities to deliver tailored and productive services.


AP Invoice Processing

Multiple Capture Methods

Extract Header, Footer and Line Item Data
Validate Extracted Data

Data lookup and verification

Business Rules Management

Identify Exceptions to Process

Create Data and Image Extract Files 


Mail/Form Processing

Based on current business rules

Forward document images/data to relevant departments or individuals

Selective importing of mail content into dedicated business processes

Flexible and highly configurable 


Check Processing

Lockbox Services 

Fiscal Control of Batches

Extract and validate Check Data

Check 21 ICL Deposits

Import Customer Open AR File for Coupon/Invoice Data

Validation and Extraction

Extract Coupon/Invoice Data (Create AR Posting Detail and Balance to Check)

Create Reports (Internal for Balancing and External for Customers)

Create Data and Image Extract Files

Upload Data and Images into Web-based Repository for Customer Research and Retrieval


Auto Redaction

Remote Capture

Back-file and Day Forward

Public and Private Sector applications

Customizable Rule Sets

Recording System integration