Visual Classification and AI Capability

Advanced Data Extraction and Classification Technology

VBDG provides outsourcing services for back-office processes, such as Mail Processing, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivable, Claim Mail and Check Processing. VBDG uses a wide variety of software for use in imaging, data extraction and document processing applications. DBS provides an effective blend of Development, Integration and Service Bureau capabilities to deliver tailored and productive services.

VBDG utilizes a comprehensive suite of application tools within an integrated production environment that delivers cutting-edge technology solutions that propel our clients to successfully achieve their business goals.

As one of its primary offerings, VBDG provides artificial intelligence software that automates the extraction/redaction of content from virtually any source, including “unstructured” documents. Representing about 80% of all company information, unstructured documents do not adhere to templates and generally contain data within sentences and paragraphs that are meant to be read by humans.

As the most advanced solution in the market today, the software incorporates multiple sets of patent-pending algorithms to derive meaning from sentences written in natural English language. By training the application on a small number of example client documents, and then leveraging the software’s self-learning capabilities, customers can greatly reduce the cost of hand-keying data into a database and/or validating data from multiple sources. 


Our technology provides three primary benefits.
-Actually Works – the first benefit is that DBS can actually “cost effectively” classify and/or extract data from unstructured documents. As simple as that may sound, there are many solutions that tout the ability to do this, but fail. Because of the sophistication of the engine, the software is able to extract data from paragraphs written in the natural English language, and significantly reduce its clients’ document/data processing costs.

-Speed to Setup – when comparing against other solutions that work for structured documents, the second benefit is the ablility to significantly reduce the set up time. This enables clients to reduce processing costs faster.

-Proven Results - In a comparison study, a land developer spent three months setting up and extracting data from a semi-structured document set. With our tool, it took them one day.

-A company had employed an army of technical staff members as part of a dedicated team to configure a data extraction system for unstructured title documents. Using the same document set, the process was configured with 5% of the headcount and in 3% of the time.